Brainwave  Frequencies

This table in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research in 1974

and showed that the meaning of the brain rhythms was modified by the subject’s ESR reading.

This was a landmark observation in biofeedback research and suggested

one reason why many alpha studies seemed contradictory.

Soon after Max acquired this EEG machine, the healer Jose P joined Max’s courses. He was surprised to find that when Jose was connected to it she produced an output from each of the three bands, alpha, beta and theta, simultaneously. Moreover, he found, the same effect was seen whether the machine’s head contacts were placed over the right or left sides of the brain This accidental observation in the early 1970s was the beginning of many years of studying the relationship of the different brain rhythms, and also between healers and their patients. Many questions arose.

Was Jose actually showing many rhythms at the same time?

Did healers’ brain rhythms differ from those of other people? Then Max noted that certain other people did apparently show a multiplicity of brain rhythms.

Gamma + Run in the Olympics

Beta + low ESR (in Ohms) = panic states

Alpha + high ESR = meditation

Delta + medium ESR = sleep

Alpha + medium ESR = hypnagogic state

Theta + high ESR = dreaming sleep

Theta + low ESR = mediumistic trance


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